Sensing The Darkness


As I wrote in my blog post earlier this week titled “I Am Not Going To Make Your Party As I Am Going Blind” I will have no vision for 48 hrs. At the same time I will also experience a social account takeover. My daughters will be Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting, Storytelling and Tweeting events, photos and videos throughout the two days. Should be either interesting or super annoying. I will have absolutely no light entering my retinas for 48 hrs. I will essentially enter a “visual isolation.” I wonder what it will be like? Just take a minute and cover your eyes from allowing any light in. Listen to the sounds, feel your heart beat, wiggle your toes for one minute….now try for 48 hrs. It’s going to be a wild ride of emotions, submission and a fully immersive experience. Oh boy. Did I also tell you I will be going grape picking on Saturday morning? This may turn out to be a pretty funny show!

When I researched how many senses we have here is the best explanation I could find:

“The point of all this is that it is harder than it might first appear to put a definitive figure on the total number of senses that humans possess. At some point, it becomes just a bit arbitrary. So here’s my list of nine human senses, which may be a little longer, or shorter, than yours:”

Proprioception (body awareness)
This insert above was taken from a guest post from John M. Henshaw. Find the rest of his article here How Many Senses Do We Have?


During my research on some sites I seen up to 20 senses being explained. For me the intention here is to get an understanding of what other senses will be heightened when I remove one of the strongest senses I have. Heck maybe I might even discover a sense I didn’t know I had. Then again after all this, maybe I just get 48 hrs to be messed with, rested on, driven around, and waited on. Who knows? It could be a long 48 Hours…

The count down begins…..

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How I life hacked walking 60 miles in a week.


I am in training mode. It’s here. why? well because I signed up for 2 century rides back to back. April 26th and then May 3rd. Am I crazy? yes. Am I a machine (as some of you have stated. :)) no. I’m just a normal dude. no smarter, no stronger, no more time, no special power….(well maybe special powers) how I am doing it? I want to. I am ready. I need to. That’s it, simple. Here’s some tips: at first schedule yourself to work out. I research every morning on my iPad, i used to lay in bed and research, now I bought this cool little laptop holder and research while taking steps at 2.2 miles an hr….sometimes I go down to 1.8 miles an hr. that’s a good pace. Next when I am on the phone I use my cell and walk around while talking, (yes to figure 8’s in my living room) meetings? I stand or walk. Instead of sending my kids upstairs to get something I need I send myself. That’s it really. There’s no special pill, there’s no (I stopped working process) it’s just finding things you normally do and figuring out how to do them different. Try it. I’ll be watching the fitbit tracker and seeing if your step counts have gone up. Also message me your life hack. I’m interested in hearing some more of yours. Cheers!