If you read through this, download it and let me know what you think about Evernote, I’m eager to hear what it can do for you or what it has done for you in the comments!

I was introduced to Evernote this year by friend. It all started with two simple question, Of “how I was keeping my thoughts, ideas and life coordinated?” And “how can we collaborate together?” Queue in Evernote. It’s a simple application that is a large old school notebook electronically. Yes there’s an app for for this, what website or software doesn’t have an app now of days?

Evernote allows you to create notebooks and then separate notes for each notebook,
So let’s say you have a lot of ideas that you want to work on later, well then your notebook would maybe be called “idea keeper” and every time you have an idea you can create a new note page out of it, all to be recalled when you need it. Evernote has the function to word search all of your notes/notebooks as well. So if you happen to write a name of a person or a task that you can only remember a little bit of the note you can search it in the system and it will recall the note.

Have an image for a proposal or note to keep? Well Evernote allows you in the notebook to take a photo, it automatically documents the photo for you and allows you to add annotations to the image when needed. This has allowed me to organize my day to day life both professionally and personally. When my wife asks me to do something I put the task in the “to do” notebook.

Two of my most favorite features are: first email integration. When there is an email that I like or want to keep for future reference there is a button that gets added to your email account which will allow you to add the email to any notebook you choose. This function is great because it stores the email, link and information conveniently for you without having to go searching through thousands of emails.

My second favorite function is sharing notebooks or notes. Once I create a notebook or note I can easily share it with any of my contacts for collaboration. This has been a tremendous help when idea generating, or creating a procedure, or even keeping our founders in the loop of task progression. I mean when was the last time you gave your boss or coworker your little black book and said here look at all the things I have come up with or completed? Never, most of you I’m sure keep that book as close to your body as you can. Well with Evernote you have the ability to share only what you want them to have, use, edit and see. Maybe your coming up with a new product for the company but your not ready to share your thoughts yet. Well you don’t have to you can only share the pages you want.

I love it. I believe in it, because I’ve used it for 10 months now and it has changed my life.


Today Jenny and I become Godparents for little miss Ava! We are so excited and absolutely flattered that life would serve us the opportunity to positively effect a child’s future. To know we will be there to mentor, help and be a strong role model for her is such an honor. Miss Ava we love you! Your parents love you and have chosen us to work together and help them raise you to be a respectful, honorable, successful person in society. We will be there for your parents and you as life hands you all the things that one can encounter. Our girls will be there to hug, play, talk to and grow with you! Thank you Victoria and Jason for choosing us! We love you!

To the night before.

Wow how exciting, we are like kids on Christmas Eve. The night before a competition gets the links in our brains to start scurrying frivolously around our heads. We can’t think about anything else but our child standing at the top of the podium with large smiles after all the hard work they’ve done. But wait its possible they don’t make the podium, oh my friend but they will and the supporters will cheer and the newbies will clap all knowing that one day they could be somebody and tomorrow they will be but tonight our little athletes are…everything.

Anyone who rides a motorcycle will tell you that there’s nothing like the thrill of riding headlong on the open road with the wind in your face and worries at your back. A motorcycle is truly one of man’s best friends. But what if someone changed the formula — a formula, mind you, that’s been […]

To My Little Lanie:

How proud you make me. Maybe you’ll find this in the future and know I write to you while I can hear you breathing, nestled so tight in the hotel blankets, resting, with your mind preparing for the days events. It’s your sixth birthday. A party today? No. A day of rest? Nope. You are about to embark on a long day of gymnastic in Sacramento. You make me proud, how dedicated, respectful, intelligent and beautiful you are. I am biased yes but I can repeat those words of description about you, because that is what I’ve heard others say you are. I’m torn…I wish you not to grow, but I can’t wait to be a proud father of a respectful adult which I know you’ll become.

Keep up the good work, not everyone can be first, but everyone will try! Happy Birthday Lanie Bug!!!!!! Go get em.

To all the mothers:

Take a second to hug your kids, listen to your kids and laugh with your kids. No I mean REALLY do it. In your daily busy lives, I know there’s a struggle between doing right and what you may think is comparably ok. Well guess what? It’s all ok. Sometimes you may feel like your not there enough for them, but you are, everyone I know has that special place in their heart they go to when they wake up every morning, that place that creates and shares love, compassion and terms of equal space. Take time for yourself. Your kids love you. Don’t be so hard on yourselves. Remember this time we all share together…..we can NEVER get back, so make the most of it. I am proud of everything you do. You know who you are. Be you, just be you. That shows strength that your child will appreciate for a lifetime.

A new beginning

Today is day one, everyone is sleeping dreaming about who knows what, but they feel safe. As they should. There is nothing in this world that comes before my three ladies. I know they understand decision get made because of a better future. It may not make sense today but it’s for tommorow, a tomorrow that may never come but when it does we will be prepared for it.

Cry, crying, cried.

She threatened she would cry. Then she started crying. Then she cried herself to sleep. How angry she was before she started snoring, I wonder if she’ ll wake up thinking it’s still night time, or will she think it’s morning? I wonder if she’ll dream nightmares of being alone. I wonder if she’ll even remember. Either way she’s sleeping now as the other one tosses and turns. I wish I had my bed with my originally intended significant other….my wife. Instead we share it with our girls. What the heck….I should cry, I’m now crying, and…. I cried myself to sleep. Ok. 2 daughters….now….what?