Why Do We Resist Therapy?

Having Coffee at Espresso Rosetta chatting about life.
Having Coffee at Espresso Rosetta chatting about life.

Why do we resist therapy? Well… Some of us think we can figure it out on our own, when life gets tough and messy. We go to school for years and prepare ourselves for a job with math, science, history, art, and composition but rarely get the chance to prepare our minds for life. We look towards our parents, friends and family for guidance but never really listen to their input. So we tend to stay in our heads and listen to our inner voices that tell us things like “we are not good enough.” It compares us to others. Our inner voice can bring out all of our fears, which prevents us from moving forward.

My Story:

I saw a therapist a couple years ago because I was “stuck.” It was one of the best things I have ever done for my family and me. Seeing her allowed me to release the pressure in my head and get a better understanding of why I was “stuck.” It was all due to the love that I had for others which was preventing me from following my passion and living the life that I was being called to live. My therapist helped me release my fear and get a better understanding of whom I was. The following is part 1 of 3 and was pulled from a conversation that I recently had with a friend who is a local certified therapist named Teri Sorkin M.A., MFT. Her private practice located in Livermore Ca. is counseling for children, Teens, Individuals & Families. On the home page of her website it clearly state’s “Life Is A Journey!” and she is exactly right! In her words:

As a Therapist my job is to give clients a safe, empathetic, non-judgmental, and compassionate space to discuss concerns pertaining to relationships, work, yourself or just this crazy thing we call life.  Everyone deserves to uncover his or her ultimate potential and live a meaningful life.  Unfortunately, life can become busy, exhausting, confusing and at times even daunting.  Therapy allows you to carve out a small, but significant, amount of time to breathe, speak openly to an unbiased person, and work towards positive solutions.

While we cannot change the past, we can seek to better understand and resolve current challenges. Through observations, insight and techniques, I help bring awareness to behavior patterns or negative perceptions that most likely are holding you back from having the life you want to create. Enjoying the moments in life is a wonderful thing!” 

Enjoy the adventure into our conversation:

Session 1 of 3 The Talk:

Keven: Teri, why do you believe there is such a negative stigma about therapy?

Teri: I think there is a stigma because people associate therapy with “you’re crazy” I think media has an effect with it. People say “I go see a therapist or I go see a shrink”…that’s like the code word. A shrink technically is a psychiatrist who prescribes medication. So that is the difference from being prescribed and on medication and seeing a therapist. A therapist is a counselor; there are different types of counselors and therapist. Then there are psychologists who can do talk therapy and are generally more educated in research. They can do psychological testing and test for disorders and they are also doctors. Psychiatrist or only medication, alot of people get this confused. That I think is it. We need to do a better job educating what the differences are. The other end of the issue is that when people go in for a 50-minute therapy session they have some other concept that it is. They are just uncomfortable with the unknown.

 Keven: I have always looked at it as there is a speed bump in the way and when you go see a therapist they help remove the speed bump for us.

Teri: Yeah exactly “we are there to listen.” Clients come in with this stigma and they feel terrible about it, But once they spend some time they get comfortable and realize how productive it is.

Keven: So going in for one session can be a learning experience for them?

Teri: Yeah totally. Once most clients sit in the room, the majority of the clients realize what it is and then say, “I want to book again.” We are there to be non judgmental who are an open eared third party to work with them during their journey and discovery.

Keven: When is the best time for someone to seek a therapist?

Teri: I am pro therapy so I feel that anyone can go for any reason. It could be a really big problem with a really big speed bump, or it could be a fork in the road, or it could be life is just a little stressful. It could be becoming a new parent, becoming a newly wed; there are so many reasons for seeing a therapist. Something that everyone needs to know and question is; is life going smooth and I’ve got this? Or do I just need that little assistance on the side? Am I using alcohol as a crutch? Am I getting self-care at all? Do I feel like I’m drowning? Do I feel like I’m treading water? I think if anyone of those questions is being asked or the answers to those questions are of concern or unknown then they should see a therapist.

Keven: I have to be honest…I think everyone of us has something we can see a therapist about. I actually feel that we should be seeing therapist as often as we see a dentist…. no even more than we see a dentist. Like this should be a bi weekly or monthly thing. Can you imagine how awesome we would be if we did that? This is preventative maintenance.

Teri: Yeah it’s a check in for you. Just give yourself that one-hour to reboot your mind. One hour to think on your own out loud. It doesn’t have to be about depression, or anxiety or suicide. It can just be about, I can’t figure out this idea, or my kids are stressing me so much I feel like I’m a bad a parent.

I would say 99% of people who have a session would go “Whoa, that totally worked. Look what came out of me!”

I’m biased of therapy of course but I am confident that this would help. That question is usually what is asked during couples therapy. Couples ask when is a good time to see a therapist? The answer: when it is maintenance. It’s a date thing. A difficult time is when someone is already out the door. The best time is when they are seeing or feeling something is off or different. When you’re out the door it’s a lot harder to bring someone back in at that point.

Keven: Did you just suggest a date night with therapy, instead of going to the wine bar?

Teri: Yes I did. There are a lot of couples I know that do that.

Keven: How has therapy evolved and changed throughout the years to handle what some may see as new age issue?

Teri: There is constantly new research and therapy being developed. We find code words that continue to come up like mindfulness and such but one consistent thing is always a “therapeutic relationship” This goes way back. There is more research now on LGBT and such. However the therapeutic aspect has generally stayed the same. We are becoming more open minded about all types of people, things and processes. There is acceptance and commitment therapy, which is new, and some other misc. ones. The bases haven’t change but there are other ways to use them.

It’s most important to know that therapy only works if you are comfortable with whom you sit across from. If a client comes in and is not comfortable with me then it’s not going to work. If there are those that have gone to see a therapist and didn’t like the situation because of some disconnect then I want them to try someone different. Even if they are my clients if they don’t get along with me then I want them to find another therapist because it takes two to make this work.

It’s not about us, it’s about the client and making sure they feel right about the relationship we are building together.”

 To Be Continued……

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you found it fruitful. Stay Tuned for Sessions 2 and 3 in the coming weeks, where we get into the discussion about education, social platforms, connecting the dots of life and self-confidence/self awareness with technology.

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 To contact Teri Sorkin M.A. MFT for a trial session click this link: 

Teri Sorkin MA., MFT.

Time Is Money


After waiting a little too long earlier in the day at my normal haircut spot I left with no hard feelings. As we were getting in the car my daughter asked me why we were leaving with out my haircut? I thought to myself for a second “I could make up a story or just tell her the truth, so I told her the truth. “Well sweetheart, we waited a little too long and even though daddy needs a cut, time is money so we have to go.”

Fast forward to later in the evening after a glass of Cab (maybe two) with dinner I sat down and scratched my head realizing “I still needed a haircut.” What to do? Then the flash of brilliance entered my mind…why don’t I go to the new Livermore Barber Shop where they say “Mens Grooming Perfected.” So I looked up the website on Facebook and within minutes I had an appointment the next day to get my haircut. Keeping the hawk of course! I arrived at 11:45 am and walked right in to be treated with the light sound of reggae fresh sounds of shavers and a big HELLO!

“Hey man welcome, you have an appointment?”
“Yeah it’s Keven for 11:45.”
“Cool you’re with Jay come over here and take a seat!”
“I’m Jay. Nice to meet you!”
And the experience began……


From the moment we walked in the door it was awesome. The energy felt good, the seats felts good, the conversation was great, the warm towel laid on my face was legit and one of the best parts? There is complimentary beer from Altamont Beer Works of course. The perfect match. It’s been discussed for years by men all over the country and yet no one has done it in Livermore. Well my friends it was time. To merge beer and haircuts with the experience all in one. SMART. The cost for the cut was good, as these guys and one gal are “barbers.” And they are happy to explain the difference. We had some conversation about old school and keeping it real and fresh.


The shop is small so the owner Mr. Fahnhorst who mans the register was able to converse with us all at the same time. It reminded me of when I was around 5 years old and I used to go with my grandpa to the barber shop in Union City CA where the guys smoked cigarettes and cigars and the barbers were OG’s who loved their job. This was it. They figured out the experience and brought it to Livermore. If you haven’t tried it, do it. If you have I would love to hear your experience as well! To the team at the Livermore Barber Shop: Great job! Keep doing what you do. Success is in how you treat your clientele with the experience that you give them and you my friends are doing it right!

Check out this video of the inside of the shop! Instagram Video Of The Shop

I Am Not Going To Make Your Party As I Am Going Blind…

The work from Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PHD has shown that the brain recruits other senses when one of them is taken away. So taking my vision away should heighten my others senses. (I am secretly hoping my hearing) but will be surprised at whichever one it is if none of them at all. It has been shown in as little as two days normal sighted volunteers began using more of their touch and sound. This is why I have chosen 48 hrs. Our free weekend!

Friday night I will fall asleep with my CPAP machine roaring, my meditation sounds in my ears and a fully blacked out mask on my eyes so not a singe light enters my retina. Then the fun begins. I suppose I will get a lot of help from my wife and kids and maybe even a stranger as I make my way around town (not behind the wheel of course) Costco, shopping, going for a walk, sitting and thinking. Whatever.

This year with the introduction of Idea To Launch In 366 Days it has taught me the type of world we live in, one that is caring and amazing on its own, which I would trade nothing for. Yet on the flip side we also live in a world that is highly negative. I have come to the understanding that empathy is linear mostly due to our inability to visualize it if it is not in front of our face. Empathy is found and can be felt in all areas of this world and in many different senses but is often times only acted upon when seen. We can feel empathy, we can hear empathy, we can taste empathy but we tend to block it out if we can’t see a reason for us to help or maybe we don’t know how we can help. Because of this I am choosing to go blind for 48 hrs to get a better understanding of how much our visual sense can take over our others and prevent us from doing the things we really want to do as humans in a fantastic moving, living, breathing society. My girls will be hijacking my social accounts this weekend to document our adventure so I apologize if they decide to over post on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat! Feel free to call me over the weekend to have a chat. I’d love to hear from you! See you on Monday!

Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot Thinking with your life………. What is it that you want to do that you haven’t yet? Why haven’t you done it? Fear? Procrastination? No time? Don’t know where to start? ….don’t want to be wrong?..pick your poison…..I call it poison because each reason that prevents you from doing what you really want to do in life or what you must do in life…..is exactly that….poison…it kills your dreams and goals….it keeps you stagnant …..and mind trapped…….

I want you to face your fears….reach for your goals and create them…..this life and all its awesomeness……has very little care about your idea and what you want…..however I believe you can force it to listen…..you can force it to pay attention….and you can force it to….say….”Where the heck did this person come from?”

That to me is awesome and inspiring…

With one of our goals we have been executing a ton on this process of moonshot thinking…..at first it scared the crap out of us…but now that we are fully encompassed in it…….our goals keep getting bigger and bigger….and a big secret……we actually are achieving them…..it’s weird…..did you know when you set a goal….plan the attack, start taking steps toward the goal…..you actually get somewhere?

That’s called execution…..

Crazy right? We know…..we think it’s insane too! Here’s some food for thought…….you have a goal or dream of doing something in your lifetime that can change things, move something and assist a large amount of other people in this world…….today you have the opportunity to watch Netflix all day…..or……..start your moonshot………well……..which is it? ‪#‎youbetterbeliving‬ ‪#‎hosbusinesscenter‬ ‪#‎electrifytheyoung‬ ‪#‎ideatolaunchin366days‬ ‪#‎moonshot‬

Check us out at:

HOS Business Center for Women and Children Entrepreneurs

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Heres a video below for some inspiration….

We have come to the end of 2015


So we’ve come to the end of another year but not the end of our time. Where have all the days of 2015 gone? We met some new great people, we lost some great friends and family members but none of them will ever be forgotten. We wake up every day to a whole new world of possibility and potential…we just have to reach within ourselves to act upon it.

It’s OK to dream big.


We loved, we laughed and we cried…some tears of joy, others tears of sorrow. All in all it was a good year. A healthy year, a year to reflect amongst the decades ahead, where there are shiny glimmers of hope and growth for our families and village.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

We’re excited to venture on into 2016 and sometimes feel as if we are carrying the weight of 100-soldier army preparing us for battle with our futures wars. But we are strong…not because we stand-alone, but because we stand tall with the support and love of our village.


There are really no words to explain how much we love and care for those around us and we can’t even possibly attempt the process. The only thing we can say is THANK YOU. Thank you for being so awesome. Thank you for showing us how to live. Thank you for supporting our family through all of life’s events and Thank you for allowing us to be part of your family and village as well.


Cheers to 2015 and a huge bottoms up to 2016 and the amazing beautiful days ahead. We couldn’t ask for anything more than what we have right now.

Love The Hempels.



Solar Won’t Let Photosynthesis Occur?

Before we turn solar away lets really think about what happens without it.
Before we turn solar away lets really think about what happens without it.

Where technology meets real life decision making is sometimes a scary place. Backed by closed minds, fearful people and a society with trust issues.  Time to pick up some more books and read…..keep the charge that we can do something before it’s too late.

Yes this apparently really did happen and the crazy thing is, I hear a version of this more often than not during my day to day adventures with clients. Click this link to read more 👉🏻you don’t have to go far to hear this.

Free and Clean Electricity


With 3 billion people around the world without electricity……Right now we are pumping about 25 billion pounds of matter up in the air to have electricity every year. At some point that is going to make a difference not for the better. It’s time to really look at clean energy.


Simple stuff is the greatest because it impacts everything and it doesn’t have unintended consequences. Manoj Bhargava

With the basic frame, the bicycle gearing, the flywheel, the battery and the generator…..you have a product to change the world. This free electricity bike can power 10 100w light bulbs, you can charge your cell phone, run a fan……

It’s time for a change. What can you do to make a difference? We need to have common sense and a sense of urgency.

Watch the video here: Billions in Change


Our little Malia


🌹Sweet little Malia🌹You have been coming up in conversation a lot lately. There is something about you that is exciting. Not entirely sure if it’s your energy, beauty both inside and out, or if it’s your take on life. 💡You know from the beginning your mom and I knew we were in trouble 🤔as well as we didn’t have to worry about you.

We could feel it in the hospital room from the first scream.


You had this charge that filled the room with “I’m here bitches.” Now what? Everyday you test the limits of life….screw that…every moment you test the limits. You seem to look at life like one big playground where children rule the world and adults just seem to be living in this alternative cosmic of reality. I’ll never forget the look 😳you gave a lady when you were a year old that was speaking to you in a baby’s voice…..you literally looked up like saying ” what is wrong with you lady? Why do you speak that way?” It was hilarious.

Malia, precious…stay you. Don’t let the world 🌎change who you are unless it’s for the better. There’s a lot of ridiculousness out there, there’s a lot of hate out there and there’s a lot of people who you will think are positive for you and will just be negatives…stay away from them. If for some reason I am not here to help make a decision for you or help decipher right from wrong, look deep within yourself as you have the ability already to autocorrect the situation. You were born with “it” so go do something to make it happen. love dad. #malmal #youbetterbeliving. #electrifytheyoung thanks Melinda Bartlett-Blante for taking the beautiful photos of Malia and capturing her in all her beauty!

Blab, Meerkat, Periscope and Now Facebook?


Live streaming opens up the world.

Live streaming is currently more a marketing tool for business however with a little bit of focus, knowledge and inspiration, it is entirely safe to say it is only a matter of time until live streaming is at every board meeting, site walk, project review, and business conference room. Why? Once again why would you not? Many of us have been to the board meeting where all homeowners are requested to be there, board members and managers must attend as well and the vendors when needed. We all schedule the time; fight the traffic, (generally after work) and what happens?

Very small numbers of people show. How frustrating! For most it’s the worst. However in business… we take it with a grain of salt and understand why they can’t make it. So imagine when you will be able to easily set up a live stream broadcast from your cellphone with in seconds….not minutes….seconds and homeowners, clients and vendors that cannot make the meeting in person can interact with everyone on one video, audio and messaging platform. This is priceless and for that it changes the business world forever.

one more thing….you no longer have to imagine it….its here.

The Creation of Neon Owl

Written by K. Hempel 

Elaine Huang (Neon Owl)

Early in 2013 I met Elaine. Spunky, smiled a lot, had a rather worldly perspective and a sense of bravado…(I mean brave not arrogance.) From our first conversation there was something interesting about her, it was as if she was constantly thinking about the next step, her next action and where she was going. She introduced herself to me as soon as I walked into the room. With a huge smile she comforted but controlled the room. It is exciting, knowing what I know now. It was fate that connected us to be in the same room, at the same conference, feeling the same way…. There was something more. We had a great conversation that night and made plans to meet up and discuss business.

It took us over 7 months to finally set that meeting.

Looking back now I realized it was that meeting that put the wheels in motion to change our lives forever. We began working together in 2014 and quickly got off to a straight sprint on changing our mindset and truly following our passion and what we believe of this life. At first we would meet weekly and keep in touch. It seems now that was life’s natural way of getting us to understand each other at a rapid speed as life somehow knew we could not afford the option of “taking it slow.” As the year progressed we grew to be great friends as well as great working professionals. She had a lot to learn, but I quickly took to letting her know my crazy concepts and off the wall (sometime brash) thinking.

To My Surprise:

She accepted my process and seemed to find her way as well to achieve her dreams. I can say we were both going through a life change that was exciting. We each had our dreams, goals and storyboards that we were not going to ever let go of. But working together carved a piece out of the universe that aligned us to progressively and quickly reach our goals.

Elaine Rocking The Headphones








I am constantly impressed by the way she seems to “just do it.” Like I said before, it’s as if she knows exactly what she wants and she is going to grab it, strong arm it and pave her road ahead.  As I write she is counting down now to the huge kick off of her next adventure she creatively calls Neon Owl. With the colorful logo of a spiritual owl that symbolizes the real meaning of someones state of mind and strong intuition she plans on taking over the EDM scene with the help of her growing community, spreading the little things that create movements and change the world….belief, acceptance and passion. I got a chance to hear her story so here it is, enjoy!

Spunky Elaine has blossomed into a ferocious Passioneer, a true innovator and leader! The Creation of Neon Owl.

“I‘ve always loved music, but never knew that I could do anything with it.” Elaine Huang  

I’ve never been musically talented. Ever since I was young, I’ve always listened to all sorts of music. I started listening to the Chinese music my parents listened to. Later on in elementary and middle school, it was a lot of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne. In middle school and high school, Eminem got me through some tough times. It was my escape. I would put on my headphones and my blue Sony CD player and have certain songs on repeat. It helped me channel a lot of anger and negative energy and it allowed me to transcribe them onto paper.raver

I actually wrote a lot as a kid, and even do now, often times that’s inspired or accompanied by music. Back then I would imagine myself in a different place and time and in a way it motivated me to get out of a certain situation, or strive to work towards a better future. It may be a little hard to picture me today being that girl, but I had a lot of resentment and anger when I was younger. I remember having a screen name “Eminemgurl” because he really did get me through a dark period of my life, and I still love his music and get inspired by it today. Somewhere along the line, whether it was my experiences, circumstances or mentality shift, it combined itself with music and my attitude shaped into a positive and motivating one.


Elaine in Neon Owl shirt
Elaine and Raymond from Neon Owl

My brother had always listened to a lot of electronic music, (back then it was considered to be trance or techno.) I didn’t start listening to a ton of that until a little bit later on in life. But the thing I really love about electronic music is that for the most part, it brings out a lot of positivity usually without too many words. It’s able to bring out a lot of different emotions. It’s able to make you cry. Make you smile. Get you pumped. Often times it takes me on a journey. That’s pretty powerful for something without very many lyrics. I’ve always liked it, but the moment that I absolutely fell in love with it and it really took over my life was the first time I experienced EDC.

I’ve experienced everything from pop, indie, to country concerts. This was something totally different. People there were carefree. They were bold, friendly, caring, loving, expressive, weird, and everything in between. It was as if all the cliques in high school from the popular kids and nerds to the outcasts all came together to the same place, and you couldn’t tell who was who, and nobody cared!

Everyone looked different, dressed different, tall, short, fat, skinny, none of that mattered. It was like this magical place that everyone co-existed in from different backgrounds, made whatever amount of money back home, had any occupation, looked however they looked, and still were respected and treated equally.

Everyone gave hugs, traded kandi, talked to one another, offered shoulder rides, and was just kind to one another. “That’s when I totally fell in love with the scene, and the music even more.” There’s not a ton of music out there that creates this type of environment. For those that don’t understand it and refuse to experience it, I’ve always highly encouraged them to try it at least once. For those who assume it’s all about the drugs, it’s not true.

EDC Circuit Grounds

If you kept an open mind to actually experience something like that, you’d realize that it’s really about the music, good vibes, peace, love, unity, and respect. It’s kind of emotional just thinking about it, but I wished that people treated each other like that a little more in everyday life.

Elaine with Communty 1
Neon Owl with SF Artist Helice Wen









For a lot of people, music and festivals are an escape. But it shouldn’t be that way. Festivals should be an experience, a great one, a reunion with old friends and a time to make new ones. But there’s no reason why we shouldn’t live everyday as if we’re at a festival. “Be bold, non-judgmental, caring, loving, giving, open, and free.” I think that’s what makes me to fall in love over and over again with electronic music, and the culture that it embodies.

I’ve always loved music, but was never musically talented.

So I never really gave pursuing something in the music industry a second thought. I’ve always been interested in people. I always strive to be the boldest version of myself, and inspire others to do the same. I’ve always wanted to help people, in ways big or small, and always thought that it was bullshit when people would tell me they’d help people “one day” when they’ve made it.

I believe that being the best version of you is to always be kind, whether that’s at a festival, on the street, or in everyday life. I believe that it’s being true to yourself, your passions, and your values. It’s constantly learning, growing, and challenging yourself. “It’s not being afraid to take risks.”

Community Neon Owl
Neon Owl Love with the Community in San Francisco CA 2015

The Community

Neon Owl is a community that connects people through music, passion, and giving back. We promote up and coming artists along with already established artists. We share good music and generate content with a refreshing twist. We do this with no drama and no gossip. We share the music while getting to know artists better as people, beyond just the art. It’s a place they come to share their stories, their struggle and challenges, and how they overcame them. Hopefully that inspires their fans and others to keep pursuing their dreams and their passions, or to take that first leap of faith.

Without risk, there are no rewards.

Once again, I’d love for music too not only “be” an escape, but an enhancement in life. “A motivating factor.” There’s too much content nowadays that’s just consumed to pass time, or for entertainment purposes. While that’s all fine and dandy, I’d love to bring a positive take into this. Artists are celebrities and role models, whether they think or not.

Elaine from Neon Owl with Andrew Rayel

A lot of DJs and producers are still in between that realm of “Am I a celebrity? Do people want to hear my story?” Usually their stories aren’t told unless they’ve really made it and become big. But it’s important! It’s not easy pursuing a career in music. People really relate to chasing dreams, sacrifices, challenges, and truly following your passions. As much as music can help impact someone’s life in a positive way, so can a story.

Right now we work with different charities. We’re small, so our reach is only so big, but that will never stop us from giving now. Of course we’d love to have a bigger reach, bigger audience, and more people spreading awareness along with the message. We’d love to reach more artists, spread the message at more events, and have a presence everywhere! Ultimately, we’d love to partner up with artists and fans to throw big charity events. Down the line, we’d even want to start our own charities.

So we would appreciate your help to spread the Neon Owl message, share the Neon Owl brand, and expand the community together. If it’s a shirt you want to rock, a donation you want to make, an interview you want to share, or just telling people about Neon Owl and what we are about, every bit counts. No action is ever too small for a good cause!

Honestly, this was just an idea that I came up with when I woke up one day. I was at a good job, making great money, and enjoying what I did. But I asked myself “What my true purpose was in life?” and “What my true passions were? I was able to answer with “music, people, adventure, experiences, and helping others.” Then I just packaged all of that into one, hence the birth of Neon Owl.


“It’s just a crazy, yet simple idea. It’s nothing you can touch but it’s something you can feel. I feel it, and people probably think I’m crazy. If I can inspire one person to feel the same and act upon that, then that’s one person’s life changed or made better. I’d love for people to connect with what I feel, and what music embodies, and use it to become a better version of themselves and then use that to help make this world a better place. It’s not always about the biggest significance or the biggest change. Sometimes change starts small, but I believe in the domino effect and the law of attraction. So I guess I’m a little crazy, but I believe that through music we can change the world.”

It might sound too good to be true, or too much like a dream. But when has it taken anything less than a crazy dream to make something extraordinary happen?

Elaine in the Bay Area enjoying some tunes and the world

That is it. That is Elaine and Neon Owl. That is everything that I have come to know of her, passionate, successful and a real believer of dreams coming true. It’s only been a couple years now since we have known each other and we are now moving in entirely different directions, but I know somewhere in the future our paths will cross, maybe standing on the stage of stardom or sulking in the tears of our sorrow, but wherever this adventure we call life takes us, I know I will be able to reach out for her inspiration and strength for support when needed. Thanks for the good times Elaine!

To the ones reading this go out and find your passion, live life, be you, be respectful and make sure you do it with love. #Youbetterbeliving. Drop the Armin beat!

If you’d like to find out more please visit the Neon Owl site to watch videos of artist interviews, as well as purchase swag for a good cause and support the community.