The Sunday Reality

I appreciate, love, and thank the people who have inspired and motivated me over the years, especially those that have helped our family. When I began this journey I had a vision unlike any other. Over the years this vision, goal, dream, success has formed and reformed itself several times over. Sometimes-in full focus but most of the time, very foggy and mirage like, being a father, husband, family member, business owner, teacher, a creator is never easy. Most of the times it’s scary as shit. Walking away from something that I was entirely comfortable doing when others are depending on me is crazy. Yet I did.

Sometimes we feel like we have to “act” strong or “play” fearless however that never leads us in the right direction. We tell ourselves “we know what to do”…most of the time. “We know what to say”…most of the time. “We know how to feel”…. most of the time.

Yeah right. We don’t. I don’t. Most of the time, I am searching for the courage to be authentic. Most of the time, I am negotiating between the line of safe and down right jumping off the cliff with no parachute and weights tied to my feet. I feel like those of you that know me, know which direction I would go …most of the time.

Then there’s being vulnerable.

This word HAS TO BE one of the most important words in the dictionary just behind empathetic. Vulnerability never comes easy. I’m talking the downright, stripped naked, running through the streets during rush hour traffic VULNERABILITY. The kind of vulnerable that builds a feeling of nausea in your belly, the gut wrenching, toes curling, nail biting vulnerability that one gets when we are at the breaking point of change. Vulnerability. That’s hard. But I strive for it. I sometimes get writer’s block, tongue tied, frustrated as shit when my thoughts are not vulnerable enough or when most everything I create is crap. Yes, it happens, even as I post this right now, I am searching for ways to relay this even more vulnerable than the one sentence before. Do you hear me? “Breath,” I say, “it’s going to be ok.”

Once again I want to say THANK YOU for being you and teaching me what an awesome generation we live in. What a beautiful time period we are alive in, it’s especially awesome when anyone can wake up and post a message of love and solidarity for the whole world to see and allow that message to change just one person’s life.

My purpose in life is to positively affect a billion people while helping them achieve their goals, always knowing it is not me that is going to actually touch the billion, because of social platforms, I may inspire the ONE that creates, loves, designs, lives, discovers, chooses to affect the billion. Hey, if you think that’s crazy? I think it’s worth a shot. If this inspires you please hit the share button for others in your network to be inspired as well. Make it a great day! Keven. #DigitalLegacy

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Keven Hempel

is a father and a husband. Loves ed tech, business operations, food and wine. Passion finder for other life explorers. His purpose? To positively affect a billion people by helping them achieve their goals.

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