We have come to the end of 2015


So we’ve come to the end of another year but not the end of our time. Where have all the days of 2015 gone? We met some new great people, we lost some great friends and family members but none of them will ever be forgotten. We wake up every day to a whole new world of possibility and potential…we just have to reach within ourselves to act upon it.

It’s OK to dream big.


We loved, we laughed and we cried…some tears of joy, others tears of sorrow. All in all it was a good year. A healthy year, a year to reflect amongst the decades ahead, where there are shiny glimmers of hope and growth for our families and village.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

We’re excited to venture on into 2016 and sometimes feel as if we are carrying the weight of 100-soldier army preparing us for battle with our futures wars. But we are strong…not because we stand-alone, but because we stand tall with the support and love of our village.


There are really no words to explain how much we love and care for those around us and we can’t even possibly attempt the process. The only thing we can say is THANK YOU. Thank you for being so awesome. Thank you for showing us how to live. Thank you for supporting our family through all of life’s events and Thank you for allowing us to be part of your family and village as well.


Cheers to 2015 and a huge bottoms up to 2016 and the amazing beautiful days ahead. We couldn’t ask for anything more than what we have right now.

Love The Hempels.



Solar Won’t Let Photosynthesis Occur?

Before we turn solar away lets really think about what happens without it.
Before we turn solar away lets really think about what happens without it.

Where technology meets real life decision making is sometimes a scary place. Backed by closed minds, fearful people and a society with trust issues.  Time to pick up some more books and read…..keep the charge that we can do something before it’s too late.

Yes this apparently really did happen and the crazy thing is, I hear a version of this more often than not during my day to day adventures with clients. Click this link to read more 👉🏻you don’t have to go far to hear this.

Free and Clean Electricity


With 3 billion people around the world without electricity……Right now we are pumping about 25 billion pounds of matter up in the air to have electricity every year. At some point that is going to make a difference not for the better. It’s time to really look at clean energy.


Simple stuff is the greatest because it impacts everything and it doesn’t have unintended consequences. Manoj Bhargava

With the basic frame, the bicycle gearing, the flywheel, the battery and the generator…..you have a product to change the world. This free electricity bike can power 10 100w light bulbs, you can charge your cell phone, run a fan……

It’s time for a change. What can you do to make a difference? We need to have common sense and a sense of urgency.

Watch the video here: Billions in Change


Our little Malia


🌹Sweet little Malia🌹You have been coming up in conversation a lot lately. There is something about you that is exciting. Not entirely sure if it’s your energy, beauty both inside and out, or if it’s your take on life. 💡You know from the beginning your mom and I knew we were in trouble 🤔as well as we didn’t have to worry about you.

We could feel it in the hospital room from the first scream.


You had this charge that filled the room with “I’m here bitches.” Now what? Everyday you test the limits of life….screw that…every moment you test the limits. You seem to look at life like one big playground where children rule the world and adults just seem to be living in this alternative cosmic of reality. I’ll never forget the look 😳you gave a lady when you were a year old that was speaking to you in a baby’s voice…..you literally looked up like saying ” what is wrong with you lady? Why do you speak that way?” It was hilarious.

Malia, precious…stay you. Don’t let the world 🌎change who you are unless it’s for the better. There’s a lot of ridiculousness out there, there’s a lot of hate out there and there’s a lot of people who you will think are positive for you and will just be negatives…stay away from them. If for some reason I am not here to help make a decision for you or help decipher right from wrong, look deep within yourself as you have the ability already to autocorrect the situation. You were born with “it” so go do something to make it happen. love dad. #malmal #youbetterbeliving. #electrifytheyoung thanks Melinda Bartlett-Blante for taking the beautiful photos of Malia and capturing her in all her beauty!