Blab, Meerkat, Periscope and Now Facebook?


Live streaming opens up the world.

Live streaming is currently more a marketing tool for business however with a little bit of focus, knowledge and inspiration, it is entirely safe to say it is only a matter of time until live streaming is at every board meeting, site walk, project review, and business conference room. Why? Once again why would you not? Many of us have been to the board meeting where all homeowners are requested to be there, board members and managers must attend as well and the vendors when needed. We all schedule the time; fight the traffic, (generally after work) and what happens?

Very small numbers of people show. How frustrating! For most it’s the worst. However in business… we take it with a grain of salt and understand why they can’t make it. So imagine when you will be able to easily set up a live stream broadcast from your cellphone with in seconds….not minutes….seconds and homeowners, clients and vendors that cannot make the meeting in person can interact with everyone on one video, audio and messaging platform. This is priceless and for that it changes the business world forever.

one more thing….you no longer have to imagine it….its here.