The Bond Of A Sitter For Sisters



The summer has been too short but the memories you have created will long be remembered. We know you have made a beautiful impact on our girls over the past couple months and appreciate the love and care you have shown them. Thank you so much for taking them on the adventures this summer between swimming and hiking, to the park, to the library and out for ice cream they absolutely enjoyed it. Also thanks for just being there for them.

You are a great person and will do great things in this life!

At the beginning we didn’t know how they would do but with your open and free caregiving personality, they took to you as an older sister and you share a bond that we appreciate! We will miss you but are excited that you are following your dreams and headed back to school! Keep at it Teagan! Love The Hempels

The Hempels

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! The time spent with your girls has truly been my pleasure. I hope that even though I will be leaving soon, we won’t be saying goodbye forever.

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