This Cruel Life

This life is sometimes cruel. Yesterday was one of those day11822456_1697777747110270_8347042351707060997_ns that set us back a moment. We try our hardest to work through the tough times and hard pressed mindset that drag us into darkness, however sometimes the waves just keep crashing.

Don’t be too hard on yourself it’s lifes’ way of making you stronger.

Sometimes life……. Well sometimes life is just cruel. Today my heart aches for the mother who has just lost a child, my heart aches forflag the children who no longer have a father who was in this life to serve and protect. My heart aches for a senseless murder of a woman whom I’ve never met; the one with the beautiful smile, my heart aches for a life given up too soon.

How do we find the strength to turn life back on? To start the day and proceed with a heavy heartlove heart but a healthy mind? How? We hug, love, appreciate, enjoy, take our time, gather, grieve, listen, speak, write and stay curious about the things in life that give us hope for safety, comfort and peace. Please listen when I and others around you say to live. We mean it. Live life like you have never done before. Live it with respect, live it with joy and live it with all your insecurities behind you because in the end there is you and those that love you. If you spend your life caring about those that don’t you will surely miss out on those that do. #youbetterbeliving