Facing Your Fears In Parenting

As I sit and hear the screaming of my girls in the background this morning I had a ┬árevelation. We expect them every morning to wake up and face the day with a new sense of pride and accomplishment. As parents we expect they smile and cheer with happiness as their little eyes awake to the “crazy world that lays ahead of them.” O.K. maybe we don’t expect the cheering of joy but at the very least we want them not to be pissed off and angry…..which is what we get. There are days that are really good and days that make me go “what the hell just happened?” either way it’s tough. It’s tough being a parent, business professional, friend, family member and all around good person.

What I have learned throughout the 7 years of parenthood is this….

  1. Face your fears they are watching and will do the same when you do
  2. Choose your battles
  3. Kids like music
  4. They are slightly insane
  5. They know your buttons and will unexpectedly press them at the most inconvenient times
  6. They have no respect for the rules you want to place on them….but really should they? They are rules.
  7. They love deeper than and further than this world provides space and time for
  8. They need you and us
  9. They dislike sharing
  10. Seeing you dance makes them laugh
  11. O hell seeing me dance makes me laugh
  12. Kids think “we” are the worst parents ever….I am willing to bet my life that if you are reading this, your not the worst parent ever.
  13. With two girls, I don’t win, I just try to stay on the upside of their shit list.
  14. I am the father not their friend they need rules. I know this contradicts #5 but that is life, one big contradictive answer
  15. We as adults are just older kids, some of us never really grew up, so just go with it
  16. They are trying to be respectful but as I see it being “respectful” is often times hard to do. Especially when the world allows others to come into your life that aren’t…it doesn’t make it easy to be nice to them.
  17. My kids like school right now…….and now they don’t
  18. They change their minds, let them, its not the end of the world
  19. Its important to give them hugs, kisses and to tell them you love them, it may be the last time you see them or they see you and I know most of you would want them to remember you loving them.

This list could go on and on its only a small list of what I’ve learned and what I face everyday in facing my fears as a parent. I appreciate my wife for being there and working with me as a team to raise two independent, hard working, intelligent, outside the box thinking woman. Parenthood is everything I expected and nothing I expected at all, often times I feel like they work like hell to keep us on our toes and backed up against the wall. Keep in mind they aren’t forcing us there we are choosing to allow them some freedom of control, but I am confident we have the weapons in our utility bag to come out fighting when we really want too!

Be you, be somebody, you just better be living.