The Great Race

Often times I feel like we are in a race. A race against ourselves, a race against time a race against life, a race to raise our children and a race to spend the rest of our lives together always looking at the next phase or the next step and goal.



Every time I feel this way I take a moment to do some introspective thinking. We get together and I ask jenny, how did this happen? How are we here? Are we doing the right thing? Are we going the right direction? Are we screwing up our girls?


The answer sometimes is an easy no this is wrong. We say no with confidence and so we make a change. The yes is where I get concerned. When yes is too easy and confident I have to wonder if our thinking about a situation is too linear. I go into risk mitigation mode.

What could happen? I would love to say we are the only ones that go through the feelings but I know we are not. We often times have conversation with others about how crazy life is and how we are at a new imageadventure and we don’t know really what’s going to happen. Do we zig right or zag left? Do we take that job or not? Do we just succumb to the end or fight to continue?

What you must remember is none of life has an easy answer. This is all new. There is no way for you to be living and it not be a new day everyday. A new situation, a new problem, a new answer. That’s a part of life. That’s why I think it often times feels like a race because no matter how much you want something to stop, it doesn’t, it can’t and it won’t. So we find ways to adapt to them. We have the ability to change their positions slightly but mostly it’s adaption to our new scenarios.


What we have learned is ……..that’s ok. We want you to know, it is ok. Making the wrong choice is ok. Making the right choice is ok and letting faith choose is ok as well. Either way don’t let the choice freeze you in your tracks while the rest of life passes you by. Don’t let the choice paralyze you and keep you from spending valuable pressure time with your kids. Just do it and see where you end up it won’t be that bad. We promise. -K

What An Adventure!

Those of you that know me are well aware that my mind often travels in FullSizeRenderplaces that are quite difficult to envision. I am told I have lofty goals (as well as an occasional…“your crazy.”) I must say after being given this book by a dear friend who so graciously told me with confidence “This is a book for you.” I could not possibly show how excited I was to dive into the pages that awaited me. I’m forever grateful I did.

This book was amazing. It highlighted and described the intense moments that NASA and its astronauts/cosmonauts had while racing to the moon. Some of you may have lived through this great time in human exploration and remember seeing it all play out right in front of your eyes. (How jealous am I.) Actually only a little, as I believe we are living through a very similar time. Exploration amongst the “risk takers” is at a new height.

With exploring we are living the days of our parents and grandparents. Yes times are different but look around us, look at the companies, businesses and ideas that are being tended to much like a gardener planting the seed. We are living and waking up everyday in a world that is pushing faster and harder to break cropped-IMG_7620.jpgnew grounds. Between technology, space exploration, new financial discoveries, new breaks in mind growth and even new fusions of thought process, we should be ecstatic and waking up every day to capture our dream or at least chase it while envisioning our fullest potentials.

Keep in mind Moonshot is not for all to read, as it is based more in space travel and intense moments of fear/bravery but has a striking similarity to the business unknown. You see, to survive you have to be a master of your craft while surrounding yourself with others that are better than you. To survive you must listen to yourself before you listen to anyone else, because, You only have the real vision of what you want for yourself, all while staying open and learning from others as well as your failures. I leave you with my favorite quote from the book “Earth is the cradle of mind, but one cannot live in the cradle forever.” Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky

Have You Ever…

Have you ever gone out on a limb? Been the only person on a mountain top? Taken the leap of faith? If you haven’t I suggest you try. If you don’t I apologize I didn’t say enough to get you to do it. You see I think life is best lived on the edge. I’m not a thrill seeker just someone who think the status quo should be questionedIMG_7854….not always but most times. What is there to lose? A lot you say? Is there more to lose than gain? I think not. You hear it all the time…go out for what your passionate about, go for your dreams go for your goals, and do you ever it is you want to do. Just prepare for defeat and expect success and you will have the confidence to take your shot.

Parent Patience

There is something to be said about the patience a parent can have with their child. Parenting is fun but at times it can be so absolutely devastating. To absorb the crying, hitting, whining and all around WWF style tantrums is one of our greatest achievements. Seriously there is no logic in the child’s mind when they set off on this adventure, there is no rhyme or reason for what they are doing. A child’s tantrum is one of the mysterious of life. I really don’t get it. Between the daily laughs, hugs and tickling parties there are the tantrums and the out right crying. Why are we subjected to these situations I ask? I wonder does it make us stronger? Is it life’s way of seeing how much you can take? I am an optimist. Not by choice but by necessity. With all the stresses we deal with daily can you imaging what would happen if I were a cynic or even a pessimist. Oh brother. I don’t really know where this all comes from but what I do know is we all deal with it or have dealt with it in the past. For the ones that have older children I know what your thinking….” Just wait till you have teenagers.” Right? Yup. That’s what I hear. For the ones that are dealing with it right now let’s not swap stories. Let’s just all be aware that for every 10 joys your kids bring you they may bring 1 disastrous tantrum that diminishes several of the 10 happy moments. Let’s just look at each other and smile that half grinned teeth wrenching smile…..that ” oh I wish I had wine right now” smile when we pass each other around town or at our local places of business. For the tantrums will all be forgotten as soon as your tantrum throwing child sees sponge bob flash across the tv screen. Let us all smile at once ready and begin the settle down countdown 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Squirrel. Happy Monday.