How I life hacked walking 60 miles in a week.


I am in training mode. It’s here. why? well because I signed up for 2 century rides back to back. April 26th and then May 3rd. Am I crazy? yes. Am I a machine (as some of you have stated. :)) no. I’m just a normal dude. no smarter, no stronger, no more time, no special power….(well maybe special powers) how I am doing it? I want to. I am ready. I need to. That’s it, simple. Here’s some tips: at first schedule yourself to work out. I research every morning on my iPad, i used to lay in bed and research, now I bought this cool little laptop holder and research while taking steps at 2.2 miles an hr….sometimes I go down to 1.8 miles an hr. that’s a good pace. Next when I am on the phone I use my cell and walk around while talking, (yes to figure 8’s in my living room) meetings? I stand or walk. Instead of sending my kids upstairs to get something I need I send myself. That’s it really. There’s no special pill, there’s no (I stopped working process) it’s just finding things you normally do and figuring out how to do them different. Try it. I’ll be watching the fitbit tracker and seeing if your step counts have gone up. Also message me your life hack. I’m interested in hearing some more of yours. Cheers!

Time to conquer

There’s a huge world to conquer out there. Things to see, people to meet, places to take in. The cool part is you don’t have to be an adventurist to find adventure, you just have to be you. #beyou #besomebody #youbetterbeliving #malmal #luckylanie girls pay attention to your surroundings, change comes when you work hard yet it’s often times unexpected.