The 5 lessons I learned while waiting for my daughter for 30 min in a Disneyland bathroom.

Lesson 1: if she’s not ready to get off the pot. She’s not going anywhere…..really she’s not moving.

Lesson 2: you can’t really entice her out of the bathroom unless she has something better to go to……find a better destination.

Lesson 3: distractions are a curse to your sale of getting her out……..don’t let them go in with anything in their hands….ie. BALLOONS.

Lesson 4: when she goes silent, that’s not a good thing at all because you now have to up the anti for negotiation tactics…….silence will cost you.

Lesson 5: ask “is there anything that I can do for you to have you get moving?” Even when her answer is “yes, look for a little sink so I can wash my hands”…..if there isn’t one build one asap.

I actually learned more than 5 but am too frustrated to write any longer. Respectfully signed Waiting Dad.