I took this video a couple weeks ago when @RaycoEnergy toured Levi Stadium. If you have never been, go. the place is gigantic and amazing. (not to mention it can be run on solar) when you’re there if you look all the way up to the top trellis where there are the bright LED colored lights, that’s where the panels sit high above the stadium. Levi is a place where innovation and pure surge’s of dreams and future’s are created and made. I loved it. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and we move forward to the future. 

How beautiful the world can be when you just take a moment to breath. Have you ever noticed how quiet the world is early in the morning? It’s pretty cool to know,while half the world is sleeping the other have is up feverishly thinking, tossing, turning, partying, working and playing hard.

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Tonight we had our annual Westcoast training center Christmas party! It was awesome! We are so lucky to be involved with a gym and special business that has the ability to reach our children and athletes with such respect and eagerness to be the best you can be. From the coaches through the athletes all the way to the parents we are a family. There has never been so much thick that the thin wears itself out. We are a true village. Each a family of our own but coming together to form a bond and trust that show our children what it’s like to be part of a legitimate program. The Hempel’s appreciate the friendships formed and are truly appreciative for the opportunity to be part of the fun chaos…..cheers to a new year, new season and to west coast! Go team. Thank you Marie Annonson. @kevenhempel

The Cyclical Cycle of Protesting

It bothers me to to see the world standing up again for something they believe in thinking in my head, time will make this disappear. With a simple search you can find a century of video where there was protest and rioting in the streets and if you pay attention the same thing was said over and over again….”its time to stand up and fight the system and when will it end?” isn’t it amazing. it won’t. That is bothersome. With large chaos and group disorder the only things that really gets accomplished is a hit to the economical status, a spike to the stand up and fight thinking and some new tactics for crowd protection/upheaval in times of protest. If you don’t believe me search protest in the 60’s 70’s 90’ and today. its all the same, yet different reasons for protesting. When will the gatherings really make a change?…….the only answer I can see is times like this shape and mold the ripple effect. Our children will benefit from this protesting, we certainly won’t as real change doesn’t happen that fast. To the protestors if you want to make the change stand up, communicate and educate what the real problems are. Don’t be the poster child of one life or two, be it for all lives. I believe change can happen but not the way its being organized every day over the past month or so, you have it all wrong. Sit down, Re-think it and move forward.

Why Elon Musk’s Batteries Scare the Hell Out of the Electric Company

Why Elon Musk’s Batteries Scare the Hell Out of the Electric Company