What’s so different about our children?

I recently attended an Intuit Conference were they had a speaker from Synopsis and Tesla Motors and took part in a discussion about how different our children are today compared to past generations. It is really interesting how connected we are, though years apart and sometimes generation gaps in between, we all have similar concerns about our children. I agreed with views of the participants in the conversation and when one of them asked me what I thought…..it took me a moment but quickly realized what my wife and I do for our children every day. We let them dream, experience, live, laugh, dance, enjoy and ponder their achievements and failures.

You see there is no one single way to raise children in to proper business professional as I am positive you have all heard, seen and lived before. Just look at all of our backgrounds and experiences and see where we are today. It sometimes doesn’t add up, as it shouldn’t. There are years before my wife and I can say we did right with raising our children, but I have confidence that we are going the right direction in our thinking. Now and Forward.

Image Credit: Duncan P. Walker

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