Going Through the Motions.

First off why do you? If you have never heard that before well at least you have heard it now. Going through the motions is the point that you are doing something because you’ve either given up, don’t see a better plan of attack, there are outside forces that you feel are greater than your matters for change or your not paying attention to the process, heck maybe you even have made a conscious decision to just stay the line. But I ask again why? I think sometimes because we have to. You see with all the changes in our business life and industry landscaping some professionals reactive quality is to just “go through the motions.” “I don’t want to create wave’s,” they say or “if we think or do more than just what the bare minimum is then that adds more work to my already busy day.” Well to that I say BS. Going through the motions is ok sometimes but it should never be left and used for an excuse for someone to sit stagnant while the world passes them by. Stop just going through the motions and make it happen!

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Keven Hempel

is a father and a husband. Loves ed tech, business operations, food and wine. Passion finder for other life explorers. His purpose? To positively affect a billion people by helping them achieve their goals.

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