Last night we had a major scare with one of our extended family members. Sleep was difficult but I’m sure it was harder for his immediate family. Today we are thankful he will recover and be with us for many years and projects to come.

I’ve been thinking about the world.

I’ve been thinking about the world.

Dad to father, father to dad.

They are the same. Being called either or doesn’t actually matter, it’s what they think of you that does. I’ll tell you what either way it’s difficult…..wait let me start by saying it’s not that hard if you take it on nonchalantly, it’s actually quite simply process of elimination in a physical sense as you gave them life so you are their dad or father. But if you are really working at it and showing your child you are supportive of them, you are here to watch over them , protect them, encourage them and discipline them when they do wrong, that’s the difficult part. Because your constantly skating the line of disciplinary father and cool dad. Really, see cool dad is a tickler, is a chaser of little kids who are hiding that think you don’t see them, cool dad takes the kids out for the day to hang out and have fun, cool dad colors with them and face paints. Disciplinary father is there to make sure things don’t get out of hand (as they always do) he is there to make sure the face painting stays on their face and arms and not on the bottom of their feet so when they walk around it spreads on the carpet, he’s there for when the tickling goes to far and someone starts crying and he’s there to protect when the hiding space becomes a finger death trap! That’s why it hard to be a dad or a father there’s always something to watch out for, we can never just be…….either way I’m glad I get to call myself either or because they let me and I will always let them. #happyU

Believing in others. That’s the way it goes.

Some weeks it’s really difficult to find the strength to believe in others. There has never been a time where I have lost full faith in someone’s ability to be honest, capable, true to their word and a respectful professional. However sometimes we are tested. It’s unfortunate but that is the way it goes.

Years ago I read a book by Viktor Frankl “Mans search for meaning” if you have never read it. I suggest you do. If you read it slowly it will put an interesting perspective on your work life and personal for that matter that could benefit the masses. The book essentially discusses and explains his time in camp where he felt he had seen the worst of human personality, emotions and behaviors. But through the process of shear hope, belief and inner strength he came to be a survivor in what most definitely could have been his death. Time and time again Mr. Frankl explains the moments of pure disgust and amazement of the life events that happened right before his eyes.

I don’t recall what brought me to the book however after reading it I was astonished how close the book relates to the feast or famine professional relationship that is sometimes involved in business. It’s a shame but once again that is the way it goes. When things go awry we cannot dwell on what could have been, should have been, and would have been…we can only pursue a lifelong adventure of experience and determination. I am happy weeks like this happen, though they make my life busier and (especially the people around me) they show me once again every time what a team can do to pull through and achieve when other fail to provide as promised.

Believe in others, don’t lose the respect for them because of what they have done (or didn’t do) as that’s the way it goes.

What’s so different about our children?

I recently attended an Intuit Conference were they had a speaker from Synopsis and Tesla Motors and took part in a discussion about how different our children are today compared to past generations. It is really interesting how connected we are, though years apart and sometimes generation gaps in between, we all have similar concerns about our children. I agreed with views of the participants in the conversation and when one of them asked me what I thought… took me a moment but quickly realized what my wife and I do for our children every day. We let them dream, experience, live, laugh, dance, enjoy and ponder their achievements and failures.

You see there is no one single way to raise children in to proper business professional as I am positive you have all heard, seen and lived before. Just look at all of our backgrounds and experiences and see where we are today. It sometimes doesn’t add up, as it shouldn’t. There are years before my wife and I can say we did right with raising our children, but I have confidence that we are going the right direction in our thinking. Now and Forward.

Image Credit: Duncan P. Walker

Going Through the Motions.

First off why do you? If you have never heard that before well at least you have heard it now. Going through the motions is the point that you are doing something because you’ve either given up, don’t see a better plan of attack, there are outside forces that you feel are greater than your matters for change or your not paying attention to the process, heck maybe you even have made a conscious decision to just stay the line. But I ask again why? I think sometimes because we have to. You see with all the changes in our business life and industry landscaping some professionals reactive quality is to just “go through the motions.” “I don’t want to create wave’s,” they say or “if we think or do more than just what the bare minimum is then that adds more work to my already busy day.” Well to that I say BS. Going through the motions is ok sometimes but it should never be left and used for an excuse for someone to sit stagnant while the world passes them by. Stop just going through the motions and make it happen!