Anyone who rides a motorcycle will tell you that there’s nothing like the thrill of riding headlong on the open road with the wind in your face and worries at your back. A motorcycle is truly one of man’s best friends. But what if someone changed the formula — a formula, mind you, that’s been […]

To My Little Lanie:

How proud you make me. Maybe you’ll find this in the future and know I write to you while I can hear you breathing, nestled so tight in the hotel blankets, resting, with your mind preparing for the days events. It’s your sixth birthday. A party today? No. A day of rest? Nope. You are about to embark on a long day of gymnastic in Sacramento. You make me proud, how dedicated, respectful, intelligent and beautiful you are. I am biased yes but I can repeat those words of description about you, because that is what I’ve heard others say you are. I’m torn…I wish you not to grow, but I can’t wait to be a proud father of a respectful adult which I know you’ll become.

Keep up the good work, not everyone can be first, but everyone will try! Happy Birthday Lanie Bug!!!!!! Go get em.

To all the mothers:

Take a second to hug your kids, listen to your kids and laugh with your kids. No I mean REALLY do it. In your daily busy lives, I know there’s a struggle between doing right and what you may think is comparably ok. Well guess what? It’s all ok. Sometimes you may feel like your not there enough for them, but you are, everyone I know has that special place in their heart they go to when they wake up every morning, that place that creates and shares love, compassion and terms of equal space. Take time for yourself. Your kids love you. Don’t be so hard on yourselves. Remember this time we all share together…..we can NEVER get back, so make the most of it. I am proud of everything you do. You know who you are. Be you, just be you. That shows strength that your child will appreciate for a lifetime.

A new beginning

Today is day one, everyone is sleeping dreaming about who knows what, but they feel safe. As they should. There is nothing in this world that comes before my three ladies. I know they understand decision get made because of a better future. It may not make sense today but it’s for tommorow, a tomorrow that may never come but when it does we will be prepared for it.

Cry, crying, cried.

She threatened she would cry. Then she started crying. Then she cried herself to sleep. How angry she was before she started snoring, I wonder if she’ ll wake up thinking it’s still night time, or will she think it’s morning? I wonder if she’ll dream nightmares of being alone. I wonder if she’ll even remember. Either way she’s sleeping now as the other one tosses and turns. I wish I had my bed with my originally intended significant other….my wife. Instead we share it with our girls. What the heck….I should cry, I’m now crying, and…. I cried myself to sleep. Ok. 2 daughters….now….what?